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A message from Narelle,

evoke is owned and operated by myself, Narelle Hogan. I grew up in the area and have a genuine passion for skin care. Having worked in the industry for the past 20 plus years in a number of different salons, I saw that the traditional model for a beauty salon or Spa was failing its clients. Salons were treating what I call the ‘symptoms’ of skin problems but failed to treat the underlying issues of clients concerns. Traditional salons or Spas were mostly providing their clients temporary solutions to their skin problems and as such I felt that they were failing their clients. Understanding this I decided to make a change and give my clients what they truly wanted: to feel younger and happier in their own skin.

That is how evoke came to be. I have gathered a strong team of skin technicians, and I only source skin care products from the worlds number 1 paramedical skin care product provider DMK. Combined, DMK’s products and the services that the evoke team offer clients, complement each other perfectly. It is this combination that allows me and my team to exceed our clients’ expectations.

I pride myself knowing that evoke, through embracing technology and tradition can offer our clients the best and everything that they deserve.

Please give us a call or drop in, we want what you want, to be happy in your own skin and to be Perfectly You.