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It’s not just your face, neck and body that needs to be looked after, we also need to care for our parts that are exposed daily to the elements or confined to our shoes? That’s right we need to look after our hands and feet. After all they do a lot for us each day so we should pay them back.

Like the rest of you, we concentrate on regenerating and revising the skin on your sun-damaged, dry hands and cuticles - and callused feet.

Our hand and foot treatments are divine and are an excellent addition to fill in some time while you are getting other treatments done at evoke.


 evoke Manicure $59
Includes nail and cuticle work, soak massage and polish application.


 evoke Medi-Pedi $110
Get your baby feet back! Softens callus’, corns, cracked heels or rough dry skin build up on the feet.
 evoke Express Pedi $65
Includes foot soak and silky scrub, nail and cuticle work, callus removal (rasping) and polish.
 evoke Pedicure $90
Includes foot soak and silky scrub exfoliation, nail and cuticle work, callus removal (rasping), dreamy foot massage and cooling foot mask and polish.